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  • Hemimorphite Double Terminated Pendant (Large) - Spirit & Stone
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Hemimorphite Double Terminated Pendant (Large)

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Hemimorphite Double Terminated Pendant (Large) 

Hemimorphite this stone gently relives angst. If you invariably pitch your expectations and goals too high to achieve, it helps in setting and attaining realistic goals without being emotionally attached to the result. Hemimorphite is linked to self expression and communication.

Linked primarily to the throat chakra, but also opens the inner flute to the heart and crown increasing the connection between all three. Therefore it stimulates an openness, and willingness to share who we really are.

It promotes peace and understanding in the self, because of the openness it generates within. So it encourages artistic expression, friendliness, playfulness and in turn promotes friendships, generosity, and kindness to others. At the other end of its effect it is anti anger, anti jealousy, and negates controlling behaviour.

Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo