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  • A Grade - Golden Healer Tumble - Spirit & Stone
  • A Grade - Golden Healer Tumble - Spirit & Stone
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A Grade - Golden Healer Tumble

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A- Grade Golden Healer Tumble 

• Balancing Combination of Quartz & Iron
• Realigns Chakras & Opens Energy Fields
• Surrounds the Aura with Golden Light
• Gives Strength to Reprogram Patterns
• Balances Body, Mind & Spirit
• Enhances Feelings of Universal Love
• Increase Positive Experiences in your Life

Golden Healer, also known as Gold Quartz or Golden Healer Quartz, is a Clear Quartz crystal that has natural inclusions of golden or yellow iron oxide minerals. The beautiful streaks of different hues of gold lattice come from the weathering of iron over time, giving this crystal unlimited fractals of healing energy. 

Golden Healer is the ultimate crystal to connect with the healing golden ray of the universe, that provides purity by connecting and cleansing the chakra body. Healing your physical, mental and auric field is much more tangible when utilising this stone. Visualising golden rays of sun and pure gold light in meditation will amplify the transformation and expansion of awareness.

DISCLAIMER - Natural stones can vary in colour making each stone unique.  
Our metaphysical items sold by Spirit & Stone, Inc are tools to help you connect deeper with your own powerful energy. It is ultimately up to you, the user, to do the inner work. Choosing the right stones for yourself and/or others is an intuitive process, one to enjoy and trust that your selection is exactly what it was meant to be. Our products can be used for positive thoughts and enhancing your powerful energy when used for your own personal intention and empowerment.

We cannot give medical advice and do not guarantee any medical outcomes with the use of our products. Please see a medical professional for any information regarding disease, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

We are excited to play a small part in your spiritual journey. May you find your most magnificent qualities within yourself, and the beauty you hold within.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Love and Light.