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  • Ruby Jade Bracelet - Spirit & Stone
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Ruby Jade Bracelet

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Ruby Jade Bracelet

4mm Beads 

Ruby Jade is a calming, soothing stone which is also considered in some cultures to be lucky. Jade is a loving, nurturing stone which is connected to the heart chakra. It is believed to have protective properties and will protect its owner from harm.

Ruby Jade is reputed to attract harmony, clarity, justice, wisdom, wealth and modesty. It is also known as the dream stone. It will help you dispel your negative thoughts and emotions. It will infuse you with understanding and patience and soothe your fears and worries when it comes to love.

Ruby Jade is also considered a stone of luck. It carries the energies of material prosperity and abundance. It is recognised as the chi stone, which carries the energies of the warrior. It’s an excellent talisman of will and power, eliminating fear, doubt, and worry.