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  • Indian Agate Bracelet - Spirit & Stone
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Indian Agate Bracelet

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Indian agate Bracelet (also known as Fancy Jasper) 

Beads 8mm

Indian agate:  is used to rebalance your energy, it allows you to reharmonize your entire being which assists you to dispel mental agitations such as anger and negative energies. Indian Agate empowers you to regain your confidence, to trust your abilities, and brings you a comforting sense of peace of mind. 

Indian Agate supplements you with profound emotional protection that assists you to surmount and let go of negative waves around you. It radiants an abundant energy stream of genuine harmony, calmness, and protection, so you are able to reach a vital state of internal peace.

Indian Agate also promotes good luck and enhances your creative and intellect flow. It strengthens your whole being and supports you to retrieve your self-confidence to overcome emotional burdens and ultimately gain a strong-rooted sense of calm, security, and stability.